These biographies are not just full of information about the person, but typically include valuable information about their relatives and ancestors. Although the biographical information may not always be accurate, they can be used as a springboard for your research.

Baird, Samuel W
Bear, James
Blood, John M
Boewe, Ernest E
Bond, L C
Bower, George
Briggs, Jonathan
Brosman, William H
Buxton, W E

Campbell, Bruce A
Campbell, Joseph M
Carlyle, James C
Churchill, Joel
Coles, Frank, Jr
Coles, Frank, Sr
Colyer, Walter  1883 bio1912 bio
Curdling, Robert W
Curtis, John

Dalby, Samuel N
Dickson, Henry L

Edwards, Caleb
Emmerson, Louis L
Emmerson, Morris
Epler, Elbert

Files, Chesterfield
Flower, Eliza J
Flower, George
Flower, R C
Foster, Blashel
Foster, William F
Frost, James P

Gawthorpe, Thomas
Gill, Thomas
Glaubensklee, Henry
Gould, Ansel A
Gould, Philander

Hallam, John
Harris, Gibson
Hines, Frank B

Libke, Andrew E
Low, Lyman W

Mason, Tice D
Mayo, Walter L
Mayo, Walter S
McCann, Oria M
McClure, Chester A
McClurkin, John C
Medler, William H
Michels, George
Morgan, Maxwell W
Moss, Harry C

Ogilvie, Lewis

Pixley, Asa

Quindry, S Eugene

Rice, Cyrus
Rose, Albert M
Rothrock, Walter S
Rude, David S

Schaefer, Herman L
Schaefer, Hermann M
Schroeder, Edward A
Schwakziose, Gideon
Scott, Charles L
Sentence, John
Smith, James N
Smith, John
Stewart, Alexander

Tribe, William B

Voyles, Lloyd F

Walker, Allen E
Walser, Gaither C
Walters, Peter C
Ward, Adam
Weber, Mathias
Weber, T C
Wheeler, Walter A
Wilson, Lyman W
Wood, Joseph
Woods, Thomas T

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