Among the enterprising tradesmen of Albion is Robert W. Curdling, who was born in Bridport, Dorsetshire, England, April 16th, 1854. His father, Robert by name, was born in the same village July 25th, 1835. Here he was early apprenticed to a shoemaker, and followed the trade, first at home, then for ten years in London and again in Bridport, and since 1857 in Albion. His father in turn was Richard Curdling, a baker by trade. The mother of Robert W. Curdling was Harriet White. A brother of hers had located in Albion several years prior to the coming of Mr. Curdling, and in fact his letters, directed Robert Curdling's attention particularly to Albion and determined him upon coming here. In 1857 he bid adieu to his native land, crossed the ocean, landing in New York city, July 3d of that year. Early the next morning, it being the natal day of American Independence, his vision was greeted with tri-colored bunting and flags in great profusion every where. He sought work in the city and promptly obtained it. On Saturday night after the end of his first week's employment he was astonished to find a fellow workman chatting pleasantly and smoking with his employer. This was new to him who had been accustomed to recognizing a wide breach between master and laborer but, he reflected this is America, the land of liberty. In the fall of 1857 he was in Albion and opened the shop which has since been in his hands, until transferred to his son, Robert W. In the family were five children, all living. Robert W., Richard G., Martha W. now the wife of Mr. Johnson, William H. and Mary H.
Robert W. Curdling, who inherits the characteristic stick-to-itive-ness of his father learned his father's trade early in life, and with commendable energy pursues it. He was united in marriage with Madelina R., daughter of James Tribe (of one of the leading families of Edwards county) Oct. 31st, 1880. One child, a daughter, Leeta V. by name, blessed the union. Mr. Curdling is a pronounced Republican politically. He is a member of the A. O. U. W. in which order he is an officer, and in the workings of which he takes great interest. He is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church. As a business man he is energetic, thoroughly honest in his dealings and has established a fine trade.

Extracted 12 Aug 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 A Combined History of Edwards, Lawrence, and Wabash Counties, Illinois, page 227.

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