Biography - HENRY L. DICKSON

Dr. Henry L. Dickson was born in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His father was William Dickson, a merchant of that city. His mother's maiden name was Rebecca Culloden. They were both natives of Ireland, and both died when Henry L., was a small child. Together with a brother Francis, now a book-keeper in Louisville, Ky., he was raised by his grandfather and an uncle. In 1820 he was brought to Mt. Carmel, thence taken to Vincennes, then again to Mt. Carmel about 1830. From there he came to Wanborough in this county. He received a good common school education in the schools of Park county, Indiana. His grandfather was the first merchant to do business in Albion, having opened a store here while yet living in Indiana. The doctor commenced the study of medicine with Dr. A. S. Haskell, of Hillsboro, Illinois, in 1846, and attended lectures in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1848-'9, graduating from the institution in 1849. He at once thereafter commenced the practice of his profession in Montgomery county, where he, for convenience of self and neighbors had established a post-office named Fillmore, and where he was the first postmaster. He was married to Mrs. Phoebe C. Rugg in Fillmore, May 1, 1850. She was a native of Orange county, New York. Her maiden name was Doty. She died February 5, 1881. The doctor is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian church, in whose success he takes deep interest. He is an active, earnest Republican in politics, a faith from which he has never swerved since casting his first ballot, which was for General William H. Harrison. As a physician he is painstaking, well read and earnest.

Extracted 12 Aug 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 A Combined History of Edwards, Lawrence, and Wabash Counties, Illinois, page 224.

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