Biography - THOMAS GILL

Thomas Gill was born in Edwards county, January 3, 1826. His parents, Thomas and Mary Gill, whose maiden name was May, were both natives of England, and were among the pioneers of this county, having located here in 1818. The family consisted of eight children, equally divided as to sex. Thomas Gill was the second of the sons in the order of birth. Farmers' sons in the early days of Edwards county had but little opportunity for acquiring an education; this was the lot of Thomas. However, he being possessed of natural ability of a high order, made the best of his chances, and obtained a fair knowledge of books. He has always pursued farming as a vocation. He was united in marriage to Eliza Gillard, May 16, 1849. By her he had eight children, namely: Madaline, died November 3, 1876; Bradford J., died September 21, 1876; Hannah, now the wife of Albert Stafford; Franklin, Mary E., Jethro and two that died in infancy. Mrs. Gill died October 1, 1874. He was married to his present wife, Hannah M., daughter of William and Hannah Stanhope, from Linconshire, England, February 6, 1876. The Stanhopes came to this county in 1833. Mr. Gill is a member of the Grange, of the Masonic order and of the Christian church.

Extracted 12 Aug 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 A Combined History of Edwards, Lawrence, and Wabash Counties, Illinois, page 274.

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