Albion Journal, Volume 15, Number 23, 3 January 1884
Legal Advertisements

Administrator's Sale of Real Estate
... Charles A. Ault, Admin., of the estate of Joseph T. Wilson, deceased, was petitioner, and Susan E. Ault, et al., defendants, ... Feb 19th, 1884, ll sell at public auction ...

Guardian's Sale of Real Estate
... John H. Schmidt, guardian of Frederick Rindt, Gustavus A. Rindt and Christopher Rindt, ... March 1st, 1884, sell at public auction ...

Master's Sale
... Trustees of Schools ... vs. Martin Marks and Elizabeth J. Marks ... sell at public auction ... H. J. Strawn, Comp'l't's Solicitor, John Eastman, Master

Master's Sale
Thomas Pope vs. Manerva Dyball et al., ... decree of the Circuit Court of Edwards County, ... Feb. 2nd, 1884, sell at public auction ... John Katham, Master in Chancery

Master's Sale
George Michels vs. christopher Michels et al., Foreclosure of Mortgage, ... Feb 2nd, 1884, sell at public auction

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