Biography - ALBERT M. ROSE

Albert M. Rose, judge of the Fourth judicial district of Illinois, was born in Edwards county, Illinois, on September 22, 1862. He is the son of Dreaury and Caroline (Ackison) Rose, the former a native of Grayson county, Kentucky, where he was born in 1828. He died in 1895, November 7th, at his home in Edwards county, Illinois, having settled there in 1854. He was a carpenter by trade and followed that business all his life. A Democrat in his political affiliations, he was always enthusiastic in his support of the party, and he has in his time held many of the public offices of his township and county. The mother survived him until 1905, when she passed away at the family home in Edwards county. Both were members of the Methodist Episcopal church during their lifetime and were honest and diligent workers in the church. The father of Dreaury Rose was a native of the state of Kentucky, but who settled in Clay county in later life and became well known and prosperous in that county. F. Ackison, the maternal grandfather of Albert Rose, was a native of the Keystone state. He came to Illinois early in life, and was one of the pioneer farmers of Southern Illinois, where he attained a fair degree of success in his business. He died in Clay county at an advanced age.

Mr. Rose was educated in the common and high schools of his home town and later attended Vincennes University, at Vincennes, Indiana, graduating in 1888 from that institution of learning.

Immediately upon his graduation he began to teach school, in the summer seasons spending his vacations in the study of law, in which he was ambitious to rise, and which efforts his later career have fully and amply justified. He studied under the tutelage of Barnes & Ramsey, of Louisville, Illinois, and his labors were so well expended and his instruction of so high an order that in 1890 he was admitted to the bar. He began the practice of his profession in 1891, his only resources being his health, brains, education and his dominant will to succeed, while his liabilities were fairly represented by a debt of one hundred dollars incurred in opening an office. He first entered a partnership with John A. Barnes, this alliance continuing until 1896; his next partner was John R. Bonnie and this arrangement endured for two years, when he entered a partnership with W. H. Dillman. Some time later he severed his connection with Mr. Dillman and entered a partnership with Mr. H. D. McCullum, which continued until the election of Mr. Rose to the office of circuit judge of the Fourth judicial district, in November, 1906, of which important office he is still the incumbent. Judge Rose has always been an enthusiastic Democrat and a supporter of any ticket that party puts in the field. He is a Mason and a Red Man, and with his family is a member of the Christian church. In addition to his legal duties, Judge Rose is the owner of a fine farm in Clay county, which is in every way a credit to the progressiveness and good judgment of the man from the point of view of its prosperity and its well-kept appearance.

On December 28, 1892, Judge Rose was united in marriage with Miss Lulua Branson, daughter of James M. Branson, M. D., who was prominent for years in medical circles in Wayne county, Illinois, where he enjoyed a. goodly measure of prosperity and popularity. He died in 1898, at his home in "Wayne city. One son has been born to the union of Judge and Mrs. Rose, Robley, born July 13, 1894, now a student in the Louisville high school.

Extracted 11 Nov 2018 by Norma Hass from 1912 History of Southern Illinois, by George W. Smith, volume 3, pages 1535-1536.

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