Biography - T. C. WEBER

Dr. T. C. Weber, who is a native of West Salem, born in this place on April 14, 1870, on the farm of his father, is doubtless one of the best known men in Edwards county. Certain it is that he occupies a place of prominence among the foremost men of the county, and is regarded as one of the leading men in his profession, in which he is making rapid progress. He is the son of Mathias and Mary Elizabeth (Ely) Weber. Mathias Weber was a native born German, his birth occurring in Baden, Germany, on December 4, 1828, and he was the son of John Weber, of Baden, Germany. He came to America when he was yet in his 'teens, and to the day of his death was a true and loyal citizen of his adopted country. He gave valued service through two wars the Mexican war and the Civil war, and was in every way a valuable citizen and a man highly esteemed and respected among his fellows.

Dr. T. C. Weber was reared on the farm of his father, and his early education was similar to that of his brothers and sisters. He worked on the farm as a boy and attended the district schools, and while in his teens he attended the Southern Collegiate Institute of Albion. When he was twenty-four years old he entered Barnes University at St. Louis, Missouri, and was graduated from that institution on April 7, 1897, at that time receiving his degree of M. D. He began the practice of his profession at Parkersburg, Illinois, and continued there until May 1, 1905, when he went to Chicago and took a post graduate course in the Chicago Polytechnic. In October, 1905, he sold his practice in Parkersburg and moved to West Salem. He then entered Washington University at St. Louis, where he completed a course of study, and on April

17, 1907, he established a finely equipped surgical and medical office in West Salem. Here he is making a specialty of the treatment of tubercular diseases, and is especially attentive to surgery. His office is fitted with the latest in X-Ray and electrical appliances, and he is in every way prepared to cope with the most unusual conditions. He is assisted in his work by his brother, Dr. William C. Weber, a recent graduate of Barnes Medical University of St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Weber is a student of the best and most advanced methods in the medical and surgical world, and is making splendid progress in his chosen profession. He is a member of the County, State and American Medical Associations, and his professional reputation is a matter of more than local scope. He is a member of a number of fraternal orders, among them being the Masonic order, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Modern Woodmen, Ben Hur and the Loyal Americans. He is a member of the Christian church.

On October 13, 1897, Dr. Weber was united in marriage with Miss Delia B. Mason, the only daughter of Jacob T. Mason, one of the oldest residents of Edwards county. Dr. and Mrs. Weber became the parents of two children, Loy and Roy, both of whom died in infancy.

Extracted 11 Nov 2018 by Norma Hass from 1912 History of Southern Illinois, by George W. Smith, volume 3, page 1688.

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