Biography - JOHN SMITH

John Smith is one of the influential progressive men of Albion, where it stands a synonym for honesty and integrity. Mr. Smith was born in Albion September 9, 1825. His father, Moses Smith, was a native of Dorsetshire, England, where he was born September 23, 1795. He came to this country accompanied by a brother David in 1820; a third brother also started, but died in New York on the way hither. David returned to England after enduring a siege of chills so common in early days. In 1854 he again came to America and died here the same year, on the 19th of August. Moses Smith was for a brief time in the British army in 1812. He ran away from home to enlist. His mother appealed to have him discharged, and her third appeal was successful, through her calling the surgeon's attention to the fact that he had an imperfection in an eye. She had promised her son a watch in the event of success crowning her efforts in securing his release. This, with his name neatly engraved in the case was given him, and is now owned by the subject of this sketch. Moses was married to Ann Scudmore maiden name Drinkwater - of Lincolnshire. She came to this country in company with Mr. Flower. They had nine children; names and dates of birth as follows: Thomas Scudmore, December 4, 1820; Harriet, October 2, 1823; John, September 9, 1825; Catharine, September 16, 1827; Mary Catharine, September 9, 1829; Mary A., August 1, 1832; Clara, July 16, 1837; Moses, December 21, 1839; Eliza Julia, November 20, 1842. Of these Harriet, Emma and Moses died respectively January 12, 1851, August 31, 1853, and February 9, 1874. Moses Smith, Sr., was a butcher, merchant and farmer. He flat-boated to New Orleans with produce. He died August 21, 1854, followed by his wife December 6, 1859. John Smith remained with his father as a clerk until about twenty-three years of age, when he bought out the business and followed it ten or twelve years. During the war he engaged in the lumber trade, which he has since followed with success. He married Mary Brown October 28, 1847, by whom he had five children, only one of whom, Harry, a miller of Ashley, now lives. Mary B. Smith died January 16, 1862. Mr. Smith was married to his present wife, Susan Brown, June 4, 1863. He is a man possessed of fine business qualifications, is ever foremost in efforts to advance the interests of Albion. Politically he is a Republican.

Extracted 12 Aug 2017 by Norma Hass from 1883 A Combined History of Edwards, Lawrence, and Wabash Counties, Illinois, page 218.

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