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Subject: Surname Asa
From: Nida Faye Asa Marsh
Email: nidam@worldnet.att.net
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996

Researching the surname Asa. Preston Asa was in the Civil War from 1862 to 1865 having enlisten in Wayne County. His father was James Asa. The family is said to have been in Edwards County prior to Wayne County. Preston married Mary Ann Green, whose father Thomas P. Green was a physician and minister of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Wayne County.
I am interested in any cemetery records, church records, public records which name anyone with the surname Asa.

Subject: Land Records for C. Hobsom
From: Charlotte Kaufman
Email: charkauf@aol.com
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996

I just found your wonderful entries for early Land Records and found entries for Christopher Hobson in Edwards County. Date for the entry from Edwards County was 5-ll-l819 in Township 02S (whatever that is Record ID is l56390 with Vol. Page listed as 723. With this data can you tell me county of residence, date of birth, place of birth, etc. Thanks for checking.

From: Jon BAXTER
Email: baxterjo@littongcs.com
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 1996

John HUNT and his wife Martha Jenkins settled in Edwards County Illinios about 1820. Their daughter Catherine Hunt married Henry Kelley. Henry Kelley may have been born in North Carolina. A son Thomas Hunt was an Illinois legislator. Seeking information on these two families especially place of origen.

From: Donna Colyer Hunt
Email: colyer55@cecc.net
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996

Looking for info on the above families in Edwards Co ILL each is connected by marriage to COLYER family. Would like to find others researching these lines.

Subject: BOND, CLARK,
From: Donna Colyer Hunt
Email: colyer55@cecc.net
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996

Looking for info on above families that connect to COLYER by marriage. Would like to share info I have.

From: Douglas Vogt
Email: dvogt@starnetinc.com
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996

I am looking for any information on the ROBERTSON family that lived in/near Albion, IL, that could be linked to the below list of names. I have the start of a family tree, taken from the Robertson family bible, there is more, but this is all I have with me at the moment:

Aaron Robertson - born April 14, 1811. He married: Mahala(?) M. Robertson(unknown maiden name)- born Feb 25, 1815. They had 11 children that I know of:

Pamelia I. Robertson - born Oct 5th 1842
Charles N. G. Robertson - born Jun 27 1858
Rachell C. Robertson - born Feb 22 1838
Ruth Robertson - born Oct 23, 1852
Mary J. Robertson - born Dec 26, 1834
Georgianna Robertson - born Jan 31, 1850
William V. Robertson - born Dec 6, 1836 died Jan 26, 1837
Sarah Robertson - born Nov 15 1847
Jesse T(V?) Robertson - born Sep 11, 1840
Josaphine Robertson - born Mar 14 1845
Thank you,
It's been a 150 years, we miss you, contact us. :)

Subject: Wyatt, Hocking
From: Linda Lambert
Email: ktlkate@netzone.com
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 1996

WILLIAM FRANKLIN WYATT b 1833 in Greenbrier WV. Married ELIZABETH ANN HOCKING. Parents of ETTA MARGARET WYATT b 12-13-1867 in Bone Gap, Edwards County, IL so obviously William and Elizabeth must have lived in Bone Gap, Edwards County approx 1867.

Subject: BARNEY Genealogy
From: Ruth Volk
Email: ruth@campbell-group.com
Posted: Tues, 22 Oct 1996

I would like to find the grave and possibly an obituary of my ancestor James F. BARNEY (b. 1803) who bought land in Section 15 of Salem TWP in 1836 and still lived there in the 1860 census. His wife Susan was buried in Clay County in 1886 with her son so it is fair to assume that James died and was buried near Salem Township between 1860 and 1886. I would like to get the exact birthdates of his younger children Elizabeth 1841, James 1844, Barton 1846, Hannah/Harriet 1848, Annise 1851 and Susan 1853. It is possible that he is buried with his first wife Hester CARPENTER whom he married in Friendsville (Wabash), IL in 1824. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Subject: Kenner
From: Ron Kinner
Email: ronk@planet.ho.att.com
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996

Looking for descendants or ancestors of Rodham KENNER. Died in Edwards Co. around 1850. Previously of Wabash Co, IL, also sighted in IN, and KY. Gladly share what I have so far. (Zilch on his direct ancestor. Loads on the Kenner family of VA. Quite a bit on his descendants.).

Subject: Bunting
From: Diane Lehner
Email: dlehner@primenet.com
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996

I am researching members of the Bunting Family who settled in Edwards County during the early 1830's. I would like to communicate with others researching this family.

From: Sue Adamson Fritz
Email: Ghfritz@aol.com
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996

Moses THOMPSON married Rachel FORD in Mecklenburg Co., NC in 1795. Moved to Edwards Co by 1824. Searching for their children, etc. Have identified Moses L. THOMPSON b. @ 1810 and Martha Jennings THOMPSON b. 1817, but know that there were more children. Would also like to learn birthdates for Moses and Rachel and date of death for Rachel. Have information on descendants of Martha, would like to learn more of other descendants of this family.

Subject: ADAMSON
From: Sue Adamson Fritz
Email: Ghfritz@aol.com
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996

Would like to find information on ADAMSON families of Edwards Co. Great-great grandfather Aaron ADAMSON married Martha Jennings Thompson in 1835 in Edwards Co., and brother Allen ADAMSON married Elizabeth SANDERS in Edwards Co. in 1835. Believe that other ADAMSON siblings also were in Edwards Co. Allen ADAMSON listed in 1840 Census with wife and children, then cannot find after that. Any information on ADAMSON family would be appreciated! Have some info on Aaron's family. Thanks!

Subject: Beckelshymer
From: John Batt
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 1996

I'm looking for info on Willard Justin BECKELSHYMER, son of Charles BECKELSHYMER and a woman named HOLMES (possibly Inez). He was born Oct. 13, 1867 in Maple Grove, Il. He had a sister named Eva but I have no info on her. I need to know the mother's name and when the parents died. thanx

Subject: Balding Family
From: Gary Balding
Email: balding@bigfoot.com
Date: Mon, 30 Sept. 1996

Looking for information on the Following surnames: Balding, Galbreath, Morgan, Mason, Van Fossen

From: Jim Bridges
Email: jbridges@ny.frontiercomm.net
Date: Wed, 25 Sept. 1996

Rebecca Jane OGLE m. 1/William Sissom, m. 2/ L. D. GARDNER. Believe she died in Edwards co. on 18 Jan 1899. Her eldest son, Benjamin SISSON, is buried in Graceland cem., Albion, Edwards co., IL. Where is Rebecca Jane buried?

Subject: Colyer
From: Donna Colyer Hunt
Email: colyer55@cecc.net
Date: Sun, 22 Sept. 1996

Searching for info on parents, brothers or sisters of Edward Colyer B 8 Apr 1795 in Surrey Eng. Edward arrived Edwards Co. ILL settlement of Wanboro Sept 1818 and married Jane Thread also of Surrey on Sept 1, 1818 in Grayville, White Co. ILL.

Edward and Sarah made their home in Edwarrds CO and had 12 children. I have info on all descendents of Edward and jane which I will gladly share.

Searching for Edwards parents and brothers possibly named John, James & William. Unsure if all brothers came to USA. Possible that John arrived 1820?? but left ILL 1824. Various spellings COLLYER or COLLIER.

Connected families: Chalcraft, Thread, Bunting, Bond,Newport,Abby.

From: Terry Harper
Email: melrose@wworld.com
Date: Thurs, 19 Sept. 1996

I am researching the RIGG, DYAR and McKENZIE families of Edwards Co., IL. I would like to communicate with others researching these families.

Subject: McKINNEY
From: Terry Harper
Email: melrose@wworld.com
Date: Thurs, 19 Sept. 1996

I am researching the McKINNEY family of Edwards Co., IL with ties to Hopkins Co., KY, Fishing Creek, SC, Rockbridge Co., VA and Montgomery Co., VA. I would like to communicate with others researching the McKINNEY family.

From: Terry Harper
Email: melrose@wworld.com
Date: Thurs, 19 Sept. 1996

I am researching the MELROSE, MICHELS and KNODELL families of Edwards Co., IL. Genealogies are in progress on the MELROSE and MICHELS families. I would like to correspond with anyone researching these families.

From: Terry Harper
Email: melrose@wworld.com
Date: Thurs, 19 Sept. 1996

I am researching the HARPER, BATES, YATES and JOHNSON families of Edwards Co., IL. I would like to correspond with others researching these surnames.

Subject: HUFFMAN
From: Curtis Huffman
Email: deloyn@geocities.com
Date: Thurs, 19 Sept. 1996

Seeking information on Andrew William HUFFMAN. He was born in 3 January 1821 in either Maryland or what is
now West Virginia (sources differ). He moved to Edwards Co., IL around 1840 where he married Mary GROUNDS on 2 June 1845. He died in Edwards Co., IL on 23 November 1905.


Subject: Brewer/Pate
From: Betty Feigenbutz
Email: bfeigen@apci.net
Date: Wed, 11 Sept 1996

Trying to research the family HENRY E. BREWER, that lived in or near GRAYVILLE,ILL
HENRY m, SARAH M. PATE. abt 1870. Their children:
MARY ADDIE b. 1872
MINNIE H. b. 1875
CHARLES J. b.1879
VINA b.1886
Would like find out where Henry and Sarah came from, who were their parents. Maybe someone else is researching these families. Sincerely, Betty Feigenbutz